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MDIS Study Assist Plan

Blog post   •   Apr 02, 2014 18:14 +08

More than S$350,000 is set aside for this fund and to date, S$3.76 million have been given out to deserving candidates; 501 bursaries and 13 Scholarships were awarded in all.

Check out this fun, no holds barred interview we had with some of our recipients! 

Name: Ti Ya Wern

Type of award: MDIS International Student Merit Scholarship

Course: BSc in Biomedical Sciences, University of Bradford

My dream profession...
To become a Mad Scientist. That's right, a crazy scientist. I am inspired by Dr. Walter Bishop from the hit TV ser ies Fringe . He is an amazing scientist with a brazen personality.

My biggest discovery so far..
Word around town (and the internet) is that MDIS has the most diverse and attractive students among all the campuses in Singapore! Hmm..

I'll know I've made it BIG when...
I have contributed a significant amount in curing cancer. Either that or when I've played a hand in bringing forth a zombie apocalypse!


Name: Peggy Goh

Type of Award: Local Merit Scholarship

Course: Bachelor of Arts (in Liberal Studies with concentration in Mass Communications)

What is your dream profession?
To become a travelling producer. I’d like to make documentaries someday.

I’ll know I’ve made it BIG when..
People’s lives and perceptions are changed in a better way because of me, even if it’s in the slightest way.

Which famous success icon would you most like to emulate?
Steve Jobs. He was inno vative and had left a remarkable legacy.