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Febryna’s MDIS Experience

Febryna’s MDIS Experience

Blog posts   •   Apr 04, 2014 20:32 +08

MDIS Experience Grand Prize Winner Febryna Soetedja embarked on a journey to discover not only MDIS, but also the little red dot known as Singapore. It was a journey she most definitely will remember for a long time! Febryna’s personal guide, Jannah Shah, recounts the adventure they shared on their four-day trip together.

What Superheroes Are Made Of with MDIS!

What Superheroes Are Made Of with MDIS!

Blog posts   •   Apr 04, 2014 08:00 +08

Superheroes come in all shapes and sizes, but they all share one goal: to fight the good fight. However, without a university degree, even the brightest of superheroes will not land a job in this fast-paced society, so walk in the footsteps of these valiant crusaders and pick a degree to help mould your innate powers!

MDIS Study Assist Plan

MDIS Study Assist Plan

Blog posts   •   Apr 02, 2014 18:14 +08

More than S$350,000 is set aside for this fund and to date, S$3.76 million have been given out to deserving candidates; 501 bursaries and 13 Scholarships were awarded in all. Check out this fun, no holds barred interview we had with some of our recipients!