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A Taste of Japan

News   •   Jun 12, 2014 20:00 +08

The MDIS Business School (MBS) arranged an industrial visit for its business students to the Kikkoman Production Plant at Senoko Crescent on 28 May 2013.

We were warmly welcomed by Mr Yoshiyuki Nogi, Managing Director of Kikkoman Singapore, who gave us an overview of the Kikkoman Corporation and facilitated our tour as well.

Mr Nogi introduced us to the various kinds of soy sauce currently available in the market and gave us a few tips on choosing the best soy sauce and how not to choose ones made with inferior ingredients.

We were shown a video clip which illustrated the process and the steps taken to naturally brew soya sauce, before we proceeded to tour the manufacturing plant.

It was a rare opportunity to come so close to their production line, where we observed how the raw ingredients were mixed, the stringent laboratory tests involved and finally, the finished product.

We had a chance to taste roasted wheat and raw soy sauce in its compressed form which we would never get to taste without being on this tour.

We also learnt that although Kikkoman produces a wide range of sauces, its focus in Singapore is its Signature Soy Sauce and they carry a continuous check on the market demands.

Kikkoman Soy Sauce generates five different tastes at the same time i.e. the sauce is sweet, salty, sour, bitter and savoury. It produces an appetite stimulating aroma and removes the fishy odour and is good for heart patients.

At the end of the visit, each student was given a bottle of Kikkoman Soy Sauce as a souvenir. We would like to thank Mr Nogi, the management and staff of Kikkoman Singapore and MDIS for providing us the chance for this enriching tour.

"It provided good exposure about the industrial sector inSingapore. This industrial visit helped improve our knowledge about how businesses are run." Ponraj Paramasivam, Master in Business Administration, University of Wales, UK.

Kikkoman Facts

Established in Japan, KikkomanCorporation has changed its method fromits hand-made soy sauce since the 1600s, to fully automated production plantsseen today, maintaining the quality of itsnaturally brewed sauces.Kikkoman Corporation set up their plantin Singapore due to its free port status andits strategic location in the Asia Pacific. 

English being the business language, theexcellent infrastructure of its sea port,airport and reliable road transportationand communication systems alsomake it easy for them to export products.

This article is contributed by Vasudha Garg, who pursued a Master of Business Administration, University of Wales, UK.

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