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Beyond the O-Levels

News   •   Aug 05, 2014 11:53 +08

Founded in 1956, MDIS offers academic programmes in areas including Business and Management, Fashion Design and Information Technology.

Diploma graduates can progress to degree courses in MDIS, which are offered in collaboration with highly acclaimed universities in France, the United Kingdom, the United States and Australia. Courses available to O-level holders include a Diploma in Psychology and a Diploma in Fashion Design & Marketing.

Diploma in Psychology

This foundation programme in Psychology course covers a broad curriculum, including Applied Business Psychology, Psychology of Group Dynamics and Employee Assessment and Leadership Development.

Graduates can proceed to an undergraduate degree in Psychology.

Diploma in Fashion Design And Marketing

This programme provide students with the knowledge and skills set for entry into a fashion-related degree course. It aims to help students develop their ability to understand the fashion landscape and gain knowledge and skills to produce work that demonstrates creativity in relation to fashion


MDIS was awarded EduTrust Certification (4 years) by the Council of Private Education in 2010. 

Source: [TODAY 09012013, MediaCorp Press Ltd].
Reproduced with permission. 

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