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Bloomberg - Where Open Communication is Valued

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Bloomberg - Where Open Communication is Valued

MDIS Business Students are always encouraged to explore opportunities to learn outside of the classroom. As such, the MDIS Business School (MBS) organised an industrial visit to the Bloomberg once on 24 June 2013 for 20 Business Students from the degree and postgraduate classes. €The purpose of this trip was to gain insights into the company’s culture and the corporate life in Singapore. 

Upon registration at the reception, our guide, Ms Tasha Lazaroo, introduced us to the Bloomberg Aptitude Test (BAT). Designed about two years ago, the test consists of 100 multiple-choice questions based on eight subject areas: News Analysis, Economics,Math, Analytical Reasoning, Financial Statement  Analysis, Investment Banking, Global Markets and Chart and Graph Analysis. € e test is meant to assess an individual’s aptitude to be successful in these  fields, regardless of academic  fields of studies. € 

The feedback from clients who had requested for candidates to undergo the BAT has been encouraging as test results have made these companies’ decision making processes during talent searches easier. € is is especially so when there is a need to find the correct job-fit within a pool of high-potential candidates. 

Refreshing Concept and Layout €

The meeting rooms at Bloomberg had names of palaces from around the world, given to build a sense of connectivity among the employees. All meeting rooms are shielded with glass windows and glass panels only, giving rise to a more transparent and open culture to all its employees. 

In response to the choice of layout and the office concept, Ms Tasha elaborated that Bloomberg adopts an open and transparent concept in their working environment. € They also believe in cultivating mutual trust between the employer and employees. 

Located in the middle of the office is the Bloomberg Pantry where sta! can help themselves to a wide variety of snacks and beverages when they take breaks at their discretion. € ese breaks are believed to encourage and facilitate open communication between junior and senior colleagues and enhance bonds and encourage team spirit. 

Ms Tasha ended the tour by sharing her working experience in Bloomberg. From her passion and enthusiasm, we could tell that Bloomberg is a pleasant place to work in. 

Opportunities for a Career in the Financial World Having learnt about the corporate culture, history and having seen the working environment, we were pleased to know that there are career opportunities available at Bloomberg for fresh graduates who  t the bill. We would like to express our gratitude to Bloomberg for informing us of the possible avenues and opportunities available for us in the future, and also to MDIS for this learning opportunity. This article is contributed by Kristiani, who is pursuing a Bachelor of Science (Honours) in International Business and Management, University of Bradford, UK.



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