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She chose Management Development Institute of Singapore (MDIS) as her institution of choice when  she was studying for a diploma. And MDIS was still her choice when she decided to take up advanced diploma and degree courses.

In 2006, Miss Charmaine Tan, 22, picked up a brochure about MDIS when she was contemplating her options after completing her O levels at Bishan Park Secondary School. Miss Tan, who always had an interest in writing and languages, decided to study mass communications. She said: “I saw the MDIS mass communications programme and I liked how it covers all aspects of media. That allowed me to have an exposure to all aspects of media, before deciding on a particular one as a career.” 

Miss Tan can choose to specialise in advertising, broadcasting or even public relations. In addition, graduates obtain the Bachelor of Arts degree in mass communications, which is awarded by Oklahoma City University, US, upon completion of the programme. 

Miss Tan, a line-producer at The Flying Kick Boutique Video Agency, part of the Sinema Media Brand, said her time at MDIS provided her with experience which is useful in her current job. 

She said: “The MDIS School of Media and Communications had a TV unit, which was part of the Media & Communications Club (MCC). “I joined it and picked up skills and knowledge on broadcasting, such as producing, scripting, hosting and acting. “Even some students from the Business School decided to join in and they managed to learn some new things out of their experience there.” 

The MCC is fully run by students, with the MDIS faculty providing guidance and mentorship. Miss Tan did her last three modules in the US with her partner university, Oklahoma City University, where she handled TV equipment, live recordings and streaming events. 

She also appreciated her lecturers, and how they had an impact on the students. She said: “One of the lecturers shared tips with us on the programmes and success factors in this industry.We got to learn how to deal with the technical aspects.” 

Miss Tan added that prospective students should carefully consider their options before joining the courses, as “active learning” is where students truly pick up something of value. She said: “Active learning is where you participate in other activities relevant to your course to make full use of your time here. “This not only builds up your resume, but it gives you opportunities and connections.” 

Miss Tan is also grateful for MDIS’ efforts to help its students get employed. 


She said: “I got my current job because of an e-mail that MDIS sent to me. We usually get e-mails about job openings from the school and I got my job, thanks to one of the e-mails.” 

Miss Tan said the friendships formed and the entire experience at MDIS were “unforgettable”. She added that she gained a lot of exposure through her coursemates, about half of whom were foreign students. 

MsTan Gek Khim, senior director of MDIS, said: “An education at MDIS is more than just obtaining a qualification.We take the students ‘out of the classroom’ through our emphasis on practical learning and the many student-initiated activities.” 

Entry requirements for Bachelor of Arts (in Liberal Studies with concentration in Mass Communications) awarded by Oklahoma City University, US: 

- Advanced Diploma in Mass Communications awarded by MDIS and validated by Oklahoma City University, US. 

- Polytechnic Diploma holders in any disciplines. 

- Other relevant diplomas may be considered for admission on a case-by-case basis. Other equivalent qualification may be considered on a case-by-case basis.

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ADDRESS MDIS Campus 501 Stirling Road, Singapore 148951 

FOOD Foodcourt with Chinese, Western, Indian, Malay ,Vietnamese, Japanese and Korean food stalls. A 7-Eleven convenience store is also available.


BUS SERVICES An MDIS shuttle service is available from Queenstown MRT to the campus from Monday to Saturday

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CLASS SIZE This varies according to the course

CCAs AVAILABLE Badminton club, basketball club,soccer club, cricket club, dance club,drama club, Toastmaster club,photography club and Angel Heart (asocial services club)

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