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Desire to make a career out of writing led blogger to take up courses at MDIS

News   •   Apr 03, 2014 09:10 +08

WRITING seems to be a gift that runs in Miss Goh Sonya Dionne’s family.

“I have relatives who are journalists, and seeing what they do inspires me. I’ve known since a young age that writing is what I want to do,” the 20-year-old said. It was the desire to hone her writing and make a career out of her passion that led Miss Goh to the Management Development Institute of Singapore (MDIS), where she attained a Professional Certificate in Marketing and Communications Management and a Diploma and Advanced Diploma in Mass Communications.

These three certifications are awarded by MDIS and validated by the Oklahoma City University in the US. Founded in 1956, MDIS is Singapore’s oldest not-for-profit professional institute for lifelong learning. “I’d always thought that I’d go on to study at a polytechnic after my O levels,” Miss Goh said.

“However, my grades weren’t good enough to get me into my preferred course. I decided that I wasn’t going to spend three years in a polytechnic studying something I wasn’t interested in, which is why I started looking into private institutions. “My mom and I called up MDIS, and we were given a cohesive explanation of the course and what modules were offered. Of course, mass communications is not only about writing, it includes fields such as radio and broadcast journalism and marketing.

“Prospective students can even go to the school for a guided tour of the school and the facilities!” she said. What stands out for Miss Goh is also the care and dedication of the lecturers at MDIS. She said: “They’re always keen to help students, even outside the classroom.

They also offered us help in securing internships through their combined wealth of industry contacts. “Besides that, lecturers have extensive experience working in the industry, meaning that we can draw from their insights and learn things we otherwise wouldn’t be able to. ” MDIS also has its own internal radio station and monthly magazine that students can contribute to, covering campus news and school events.

“They give us the chance to build up our personal portfolios, while putting what we learn in class into practice in a real-world setting,” said Miss Goh. “You also have to be independent, and know when to study and when to play. I managed to pick things up in class really quickly because I was interested in what I was learning.” O-level student Kitson Tan Zhi Xin, 16, asked Miss Goh the following questions. Kitson: What’s the difference between the educational experience at a postsecondary private institution such as MDIS and a secondary school?

Miss Goh: In a secondary school, you take foundational and general subjects such as English, mathematics and science. At this level, however, what you learn contributes to your career in future. So as a mass communications student, you would study subjects in its field, such as journalism, broadcast media, marketing, and public relations. Kitson: When deciding on a course of study, what is the most important thing to consider?

Miss Goh: You should choose to do something you’re passionate about. You don’t want to be stuck doing something that you have no interest in just because you think you stand a chance to make a lot of money in that field in future. You might find yourself very unhappy.


Professional Certificate in Marketing & Communications Management
Diploma in Mass Communications
Advanced Diploma in Mass Communications
The above qualifications are awarded by MDIS and validated by Oklahoma City University, US.

MDIS’ programmes are industry-focused, relevant and practical-oriented.Students have the opportunity to practise what they learn. They are trained to master essential skills such as handling radio and TV equipment, content production, directing, scripting and video editing. To gain more experience, students can also join the Media & Communications Club, where they get to publish their own e-magazine and run the campus radio station. Students are also very active in internship attachments and are well received by media companies.

These practical aspects ensure that MDIS graduates are well prepared for their careers. Graduates have the options of pursuing a career in advertising, public relations, broadcasting or journalism. In addition, there are also job opportunities in marketing communications, social media marketing, branding, events marketing and corporate communication

The mass communications pre-degree programmes offered at MDIS and validated by Oklahoma City University provide many exciting opportunities for our students who are interested in developing professional careers in the media and communications industry. Our courses cover different content areas, including advertising, public relations, print journalism and television broadcasting. This means that students have a wider and more flexible choice of career options."

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