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Joy in pursuing further knowledge

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Joy in pursuing further knowledge

Postgraduate courses may seem a little daunting for some, but with the right attitude, one can always succeed in getting the most out of them. 

Take Ms Cara Puah for example. The 32-year-old mother of one has a burgeoning career as a senior manager in meetings, incentives, conventions and exhibitions (Mice) sales.

She is also a beauty queen, coming in as runner-up in the Mrs Singapore pageant last year. 

Heavy commitments notwithstanding, she was still able to find time to enrich herself, enrolling for a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) programme by Australia’s Southern Cross University, administered by the Management Development Institute of Singapore (MDIS). 

She said: “Primarily, I wanted to take up a postgraduate course for career advancement. In this age, most Singaporeans have a basic degree, and I wanted an extra edge over my peers, and I felt that having a postgraduate degree would benefit me. 

“At the same time, there was also a thirst for more knowledge and a desire to look for opportunities to enrich myself, which made me want to seek out this academic pursuit.”

Finding the right postgraduate programme, however, meant factoring in her family and work commitments. As she found out, the MDIS programme offered an ideal choice. 

She said: “After doing some research, the biggest factor of the course that appealed to me was the campus location, which is near my workplace. 

“It also offers value for money, given that the programme has proper accreditation and MDIS is an established brand name. Still, the cost of the programme is reasonable.” 

When Ms Puah began the MBA course in August 2010, she found that the transition from six years in the workforce back to academic life was smoother than expected. “The first lecturers were kind enough to slowly ease us back into our studies,” she said. “They understood our work commitments, and such little gestures went a long way in making us comfortable as we resumed our studies. 

“My classmates were also very helpful. As they come from diverse backgrounds, they each had their own unique perception of the business concepts we were studying, and that helped in giving new perspectives to the concepts.” 

Still, there were times when her work commitments, as well as pageant rehearsals, clashed with her coursework. However, she was glad that the programme was flexible enough to allow her time off in fulfilling those extracurricular responsibilities. 

She said: “I’m thankful that MDIS was kind enough to let me defer some modules. While it means that I finish my course later than my cohort, I was able to spare the time to deal with other commitments.

Now nearing graduation, Ms Puah believes that having the postgraduate degree will benefit her career greatly. 

She also feels that taking time out from work life for academic pursuits has already brought its own intrinsic, enriching rewards. She said: “What postgraduates want in their course is interactive knowledge – experiences that are shared by students and lecturers that will spur the train of thought on academic concepts. I think my course has definitely done that. 

“Learning is a lifelong process, and it shouldn’t be viewed simply as a means of acquiring academic qualifications,” said Ms Puah. “It is important for people to find joy in acquiring knowledge, and that is when they can get the most out of what they are learning.”

Master of Business Administration

THE Southern Cross University’s Master of Business Administration (MBA) programme, offered through the Management Development Institute of Singapore (MDIS), focuses on management of the major business functions and strategies. 

The course utilises high quality study materials which are designed to emphasise the link between conceptual knowledge and “real world” practices. 

The excellent teaching staff, many with international business experience, possess a balance of academic qualifications and practical business experience. 

The MBA programme focuses on the development of key attributes and skills of senior and middle managers in public- and private-sector organisations.

It also aims to build individual management skills, with a focus on the application of knowledge in business organisations. 

Some examples of modules taught in the course curriculum include: 

Foundations of Management:
Examines the principles and practices of management in organisations. 

International Marketing:
Discusses the challenges of international marketing. Covers researching international markets, and addresses the determination of international marketing strategy. 

Human-resource Management:
Examines issues relating to the acquisition and maintenance of resources in the current organisational context of rapid change. 

For more information on the programmes, call 6247-9111/ 6372-1000, e-mail, or visit
Management Development Institute of Singapore
Reg. No. 201001793H
May 20, 2010 to May 19, 2014

- By Management Development Institute of Singapore (MDIS)
Source:[MyPaper 20032012] © Singapore Press Holdings Limited. Reproduced with permission

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