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News   •   Jun 16, 2014 19:00 +08

BALANCING work, studies and family is never easy. But Mr Ng Jun Da, 28, he is unfazed.

The elder of two children graduated in 2004 with a Diploma in Business Informatics from Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP).

In 2010, he graduated with a Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Business Computing from Management Development Institute of Singapore (MDIS).

The degree was awarded by the University of Bradford, UK, and Mr Ng obtained a Second Class Honours (First Division) qualication.

“After graduating from NYP, I could further my education only in 2008 because I could not afford the course fees before that,” said the IT consultant who took up a scholarship programme offered by his then-employer.

“The provision for direct entry to the second year of studies was my main reason for choosing the degree course.

“I also chose MDIS because my company recognises its academic standards and certicates, and because I could complete the course as a part time student.

“One of the fun aspects of the course was an exchange programme in Bradford, UK, which made it possible for me to meet people from different industries. The exchange programme was an eye-opening experience, giving me a taste of life overseas.

“The course also provided lots of hands-on learning. We were tested on application of the theories we learnt in class.

“The Marketing Management and Strategy and database Systems modules were the most interesting modules in the course – the marketing module was dynamic and  exible, while the database module was structured and logical.”

But it was not all smooth sailing for Mr Ng, who said: “My sister is nine years younger. Her future is my concern.

“I took into consideration the fact that my parents might have only enough savings to support her and her education.

“So, in order to upgrade myselfwithout adding further stress on my parents, I worked hard for the scholarship from my previous company.

“It was mentally challenging and physically demanding, having to travel between my workplace and MDIS. The journey was about one hour each direction and the evening classes would end at about 10pm. It would be past midnight when I get in bed.

“There were days when my coursemates and I had to complete project work after class, reducing our sleeping time to only about four or five hours daily.

“The scholarship was another stress as all my results had to be submitted to my company management, and minimum grades had to be met, failing which the scholarship would be revoked.”

Thankfully, help was not far away.

“Thanks to the unrelenting support of my management, colleagues, friends and family, I managed to obtain my degree within two years.

“Surprisingly, one of the strictest lecturers in the course also helped me a lot. His high expectations forced us to work harder and develop skills in critical thinking. He gave valuable tips and advice.”

Mr Ng’s course helped him better understand business and IT processes, and develop skills in time management, priorities and people management, all of which are useful in his work.

“When I decided to further my education, I was determined to boost my career path,” he said. “I started as a programmer and am now working in the project management office – within 1½ years after graduation."


The Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Business Computing is awarded by the University of Bradford, UK.

The increased use of computers in support of business information systems has created a demand for computing specialists with management skills.

The course is designed to give students the opportunity to acquire a thorough grounding in the fundamentals of computer science, and in-depth core business and management skills to deal with key business issues.

The programme aims to produce graduates who can become “hybrid’’ managers with both computing and management skills.

IT recruitment is growing but companies are no longer looking for specialists trained only in IT and software development. Instead, the demand is up for “IT-plus executives’’, who have additional expertise in finance or marketing.

Companies are experiencing a shortage of employees well-versed in both IT and business operations. Technically-competent graduates who also have the business acumen will be in great demand.

The Business Computing programme is tailormade to meet this demand and increase the employability of graduates.

"Today, organisations employ information system professionals who can analyse and propose innovative solutions to enhance services and processes to create new products.

The Business Computing degree equips students with such skills and prepares them to be good analysts who can help businesses stay competitive."

Mr Daniel Ong Head, School of Technology & E-Learning, MDIS.

Source:[The New Paper GO GUIDE 23102013] © Singapore Press Holdings Limited.

Reproduced with permission.

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