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Horizons - The Official Bi-Monthly Publication by MDIS (May/June 2014)

Horizons - The Official Bi-Monthly Publication by MDIS (May/June 2014)

News   •   Oct 01, 2014 19:00 +08

These past few months have been busy for MDIS, with the graduation ceremony for graduants fo the MDIS-University of Sunderland, the 19th Scholarship and Bursary Awards Ceremony in May, and the 59th Annual General Meeting in June. We hope you enjoy this issue!

Creative Sparks

Creative Sparks

News   •   Jul 18, 2014 19:00 +08

Did you know that the Captain America and Iron Man movies have a Singapore connection? Some of the visual effects were done by the local staff of computer animation giants like Industrial Light & Magic and Double Negative, both of which have offices here. Singapore is on its way to becoming an Asian hub for the digital media industry’s backroom operations, if we’re not already halfway there.

The Making of A Future App Guru

The Making of A Future App Guru

News   •   Jun 23, 2014 18:00 +08

Digital Media is a demanding field, but proficiency can be attained in the right environment. In Ishak Khan’s case at Management Development of Singapore (MDIS), it also fuelled a desire to design the next big gaming app...

Go far with distance learning

Go far with distance learning

News   •   May 08, 2014 20:00 +08

Find out why George Tai, 24, enjoys learning with the American style of education... right here in Singapore!

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Discover a World of Opportunities with an OCU Degree

Discover a World of Opportunities with an OCU Degree

Events   •   Aug 12, 2014 16:00 +08

Admission is free! Enjoy rebates (for degree programmes only) and application fee waiver if you sign up on the day of the preview session! SCHOOL OF MEDIA AND COMMUNICATIONS The MDIS School of Media and Communications is the pioneer in the mass communications programme field in Singapore. It is also the first institution in Singapore to offer mass communications programmes from an America...

Aug 27Aug 28

Venue : Block G, Media Hub, MDIS Campus (near Queenstown MRT), 501 Stirling Road Singapore 148951.

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MDIS student Sara Haniz believes the media industry is her path to fame

MDIS student Sara Haniz b...

Miss Sara, who did her A levels in 2009, said she has wanted to be a TV presenter or media personality since she was a child. She did an ...

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The MDIS - Oklahoma City University, USA

The MDIS - Oklahoma City ...

A full interview with Professor Karlie Harmon, Director of International Programs, Professor of Mass Communications, Oklahoma City Univer...

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